Gloria Dent

Current Founder and CEO for Genergi, LLC, a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business Management and Consulting company focused on forming strategic alliances and partnerships with Small Business Entities to expand companies’ products or services growth and capabilities, and resources. Genergi specializes in staffing, logistical supply chain management, worldwide distribution channels, technology, legal services, and forensic corporate financial management. As the CEO, I work directly with corporate leadership to set goals, assess market pressures, and shareholders by creating governance systems that promote shared decision-making and oversight between the two parent companies for optimal success.

· Simplified Solutions for Every Small Business -Genergi LLC specializes in simplifying complex processes into streamlined formats.

· In-Demand Business Consulting Services – Genergi LLC provides services to small businesses and nonprofit organizations, strategy formulation, Grants Management, and SBE co-branding

· Leadership Training Professionals – Each Partnership venture is provided an all-inclusive educational, psychological, and environmental team to ensure a seamless transition

· Knowledgeable and Experienced leader

· Global Senior Acquisition and Procurement Executive with over 25 years of experience leading federal Acquisition and Logistics organizations across the United States, Pacific, and the Middle East.

· Executive experience in program/project/personnel management and budget development, and grant execution.

· Developed strategic vision, plans, and modernization strategies for over 550 Nonprofits Organizations

· DAWIA Level 3 certified in Program Management; Level 2 in Contracting and Acquisition Logistics.

· Top Secret/Special Compartmental Information (TS/SCI) Security Clearance.

· Excels in building high-performance teams to achieve organizational goals and objectives.

̶ 26 Years leading active duty Army Soldiers in Kuwait, Somalia, Bosnia, Philippines, Iraq, and Afghanistan,
̶ 35 years in Materiel Logician and Federal Supply Chain Management
̶ 20 Years in Acquisition Planning/Business Management/Administration
̶ 5 Years growing nonprofit organizations in the public and private sector, co-branding, and partnership

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